Thursday, January 30, 2014

No. 7: A Reveal That's a Little Spare and a Little Late

Well, life happens, doesn't it?  And sometimes it happens to the tune of new home searches, new graduate programs, growing families, and changes in focus.  Over the last few months, some of the members of Bead Ruckus have had quite an eventful time.  As a quite unexpected, and unfortunate result of these otherwise nice events, Jenny (ever reliable) was the only member who submitted a piece for the Big Reveal.  And, she gets an extra gold star for completing two lovely pieces!

With so much going on, we're going to have to put No. 8 on hold for a while.  Not forever, just for the time being.  But we did want to share the very pretty work that Jenny completed with you before we go:

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kit No. 7

This one is going to be challenging!  Here it is, Kit No. 7:

Megan's Pick: Blue Goldstone Round Cabochons (13mm)

Julie's Pick: Nunn Design Antique Gold Plated Faceted Round Beads (3.4x4mm)

Savannah's Pick: Frosted Smokey Topaz Smooth Teardrop Czech Glass Beads (9x6mm)

Jenny's Pick: Antique Silver Plated Deco Scroll Chandelier Earring Drops (25mm)

Mischelle's Pick: White Pearl Ceylon Miyuki Long Magatama Beads (4x7mm)

Due to the chaos of the holiday season, we are going to extend the Big Reveal for No. 7 by a month.  So if you want to join in, be sure to submit your photo by January 20th, 2014, and be sure to check back on January 25th for the next Big Reveal!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bead Ruckus No. 6 - The Big Reveal!

Sorry for the short delay, but here it is - Bead Ruckus No. 6!

We ended up with such a pretty combination of items this time!  Here's what we made:

Megan's Bracelet:

Jenny's Necklace:

Mischelle's Necklace:

Julie and Savannah couldn't make it this time around (hey, life happens!) but be sure to check in on November 1st to see what we have in store for Kit No. 7!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reveal #6 Short Delay

Thanks for coming to see what we've made in Bead Ruckus #6!  We've had to delay the big reveal, but only two days.  Please come back on Sunday to check it out!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kit No. 6

Did you see what we made with Kit No. 5? We're so happy to be up and running again. And boy, wait until you see Kit No. 6 - it's a good one!

We really hope you'll join in too, and show us what you make using some part of each of the following components:

Julie's Pick
Gold plated pewter small Turkish spacer beads (4mm)

Megan's Pick
Fuchsia vintage lucite faceted flatbacks (25mm)

Savannah's Pick
Matte violet marea oval Czech pressed glass peacock beads (13.5 x 20.5mm)

Jenny's Pick
Peacock blue grey oval potato pearls (5-6mm)

Mischelle's Pick
Light purple candy jade rounds (4mm)

If you want to join in, submit your photo by October 20th, and be sure to check back on October 25th for the next Big Reveal!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bead Ruckus No. 5 - THE BIG REVEAL

Yay!  The Big Reveal day is here for our first Ruckus back!

It's natural to expect some hiccups after such a long break, and we had some, but we're really excited to share what we came up with for Kit No. 5...

Jenny's Necklace & Earrings (Check out her blog to see her pretty hair sticks too!)

Julie's Earrings

Megan's Necklace

Mischelle's Jewelry (We had a bit of confusion with Mischelle's first Ruckus, but next time she'll work all 5 ingredients into one piece.  In the meantime, check out all four of her lovely pieces!)

Savannah has experienced some technical difficulty with her photos, check back soon to see her piece!

Be sure to check back on September 1st to find out what Kit No. 6 has in store for us!  We'd love to see what you make with it too!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Kit No. 5

Weeeeee're Baaaack!  And we're so excited!  With a full compliment of Contributing Members, and a brand new Bead Ruckus kit selected, we can't wait to get started.  Here it is, Kit No. 5:

We really hope you'll join in, and show us what you make using some part of each of the following components:

Julie's Pick
Metallic light gold Swarovski crystal bicone beads (5mm)

Megan's Pick
Silver plated rhinestone cup chain with jet black Czech glass (24pp)

Savannah's Pick
Fancy assorted jasper Indian agate cube bead mix (4mm)

Jenny's Pick
Purple round amethyst gemstone beads (4mm)

Mischelle's Pick
Teal cultured sea glass fishbone beads (20-26mm)

If you want to join in, submit your photo by August 20th, and be sure to check back on August 25th for the Big Reveal!